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The Tower Clock Company

South Charleston, Ohio


         Welcome to the home page of The Tower Clock Company. I am Phil Wright, owner and horologist for The Tower Clock Company. I have been repairing, preserving and restoring tower clocks for the past 30 years. Most of these clocks are in excess of 100 years old and require special care to keep them running efficiently. Our goal is to save these classic clocks that are spread through out America and keep them functioning as they did when they were first installed. We also repair and restore the dials, hands and mechanisms for the tower clocks. Automatic winders can be repaired or added to your clock for easier daily running of the clock.

Courthouse Tower Clock Dial, Phil wright Owner of the The Tower Clock Company

Our Services Include:


* Clock mechanism restoration or preservation

* Bushing and gear replacement and repair

* Time and strike motors

* New custom made clock hands

* New strike switches and adjusters

* Bell hammer repair

* Dial restoration

* New dial glass

* New weight cables

* Counterbalancing of the hands

* Battery backup systems

* Historical information

* Automatic winders installed and repaired

* Annual Maintenance Agreements are offered

#16 Seth Thomas Tower Clock ordered by Henery Ford in 1929 for the Henry Ford Museum, The Tower Clock Company Phil Wright 937-605-1904

      Phil Wright standing by the 1929 #16 Seth Thomas Tower Clock auto wind ordered by Henry Ford for the Henry Ford Museum, The clock is in the replica of  Independence Hall on the museum grounds. The Tower Clock Company is the Preservation Consultant for the Henry Ford Museum, for all their tower clocks.

Seth Thomas Tower Clock Restoration by The Tower Clock Company, Phil Wright 937-605-1904

           Current project in the shop being completed at this time is an 1882 #16 Seth Thomas Tower Clock that has undergone a complete preservation of the clock and new automatic winders have been built to ease in the running of this clock.  The clock will be on display at the Fort Snelling State Park admissions office later this year.

The Tower Clock Company